About Us


CALAS/ACSAL is a national association dedicated to providing high quality training and educational resources to laboratory animal care professionals across Canada. We believe all animal based research must be conducted professionally and ethically.

Our training and certification programs are internationally respected and support national standards of excellence in animal research, teaching, and testing across Canada.

Our members are committed to the humane and professional care of research animals and have received advanced training in the highest standards of animal care. We support a diverse group of professionals including animal care attendants, animal health technicians, and veterinarians.

Since 1961, CALAS/ACSAL members have been working to improve the lives of animals in our care. We currently have almost 1,000 members across the country.

Our training and certification programs are voluntary, and are recommended by the Canadian Council on Animal Care (CCAC).

The National Office and Regional Chapters support our members through:

  • Certification Training Program for Animal Technicians
  • Continuing Education and Professional Development
  • Annual National Symposium
  • Annual awards recognizing excellence in training, care for animals and dedication of our volunteers
  • Bi-monthly Members Magazine

Questions? Contact our National Office at office@calas-acsal.org.