Annual Symposium

Dear CALAS/ACSAL members, 

We have read about other symposiums/conferences still cancelling or modifying their program into 2021 because of the COVID-19 pandemic. The Canadian context has not improved enough where an in-person event would be safe and well attended. That said, we remain committed to keeping members in touch with best practice and each other! I wish to thank the Montreal working group for everything they started planning long ago and I'm happy to say we will still enjoy their programming in 2023 with a new Scientific Chair jumping on board! Thank you and welcome Dr. Aurore Dodelet-Devillers!

CALAS/ACSAL 2021: Celebrating 60 years” will still take place in 2021. National and a National Symposium Organizing Committee are discussing how and in what format our conference will look like–we are exploring a full virtual conference pairing up two scientific Chairs, with Dr. Andrew Winterborn as the Lead Scientific Chair and Dr. Aurore Dodelet-Devillers as Co-Chair. We hope the organizing committee with members from across the country will really bring our diversity to the table in a unique way we have not done before. CALAS/ACSAL is committed to delivering a program that is strong and relevant.

I appreciate your patience with us as we work through the planning for CALAS/ACSAL 2021. National will publish updates as we have more information to share, but I hope all of you will jump on board with this exciting and historic symposium for the Canadian lab animal science community. I hope that you and your loved ones are safe and doing well during this challenging time.

Kind regards, 

CALAS/ACSAL President 

Stay tuned for more exciting updates!

Future Symposium Dates

Year Dates Location
2021 TBD Virtual
2022 June 23 - 28 Toronto, ON
2023 May 5 - 9 Montreal, QC
2024 TBD Saskatoon, SK
2025 May 1 - 6  Richmond, BC
2026 June 3 - 10 Toronto, ON
2027 TBD Montreal, QC