The Patricia Milke Member Service Award

Plaque & Member of Distinction status

About this Award
Volunteering for CALAS/ACSAL is it’s own reward, but there are sometimes people that must be recognized as special. These are the people that make outstanding contributions, offer ongoing support and embody the true spirit of membership.

To Nominate a Candidate
To nominate a candidate, two (2) written recommendations must be submitted stating why the candidate is deserving of the award based on the criteria below, a letter of support and the completed nomination form. Nominations will be accepted only from CALAS/ACSAL members in good standing.

Patricia Milke Member Service Award Nomination Form

Nominees should have been involved as a volunteer with CALAS/ACSAL at the regional or National level for at least 10 years. Their contributions must have been to an outstanding level, having truly distinguished themselves from their peers. Their type of involvement may have varied, but their level of dedication would have always been considerable. Candidates must be a CALAS/ACSAL member in good standing.

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