Member of Distinction

Plaque & Lifetime membership

About this Award
This honor is bestowed upon a person who, through affiliation, has contributed significantly to the benefit of CALAS/ACSAL over the years. Nominees must be long-term members (10 years or more) of CALAS/ACSAL and must have been employed in the laboratory animal field for a minimum of 10 years. Priority will be given to individuals in Canada who have shown a real concern for CALAS/ACSAL and have worked diligently for the application of CALAS/ACSAL ideals and objectives at their job site.

Nominations Must Include
To nominate a candidate, two (2) written recommendations must be submitted stating why the candidate is deserving of the award and the completed nomination form. Nominations will be accepted only from CALAS/ACSAL members in good standing.

Member of Distinction Nomination Form

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