Registry Committee

The CALAS/ACSAL Registry Committee, through its examination process, enables technicians working in a variety of laboratory animal settings to become registered at one or more of the following levels of registration:

ARLAT: Associate Registered Laboratory Animal Technician
RLAT: Registered Laboratory Animal Technician
RMLAT: Registered Master Laboratory Animal Technician

The Registry Committee is comprised of (but not limited to):

  • One Committee Chair
  • Three Lead Examiners.
  • 15-20 volunteer CALAS examiners who may act in one or several of the following capacities:
  • Oral/practical examiners
  • Written examination markers
  • Exam process input
  • One Registry Office Liaison
  • One Candidate’s Advocate

The Registry Committee also collaborates with the EdCo Committee, and the Continuing Education Committee.

For more information about the Registry Committee, or how to get involved please contact:

Jason Allen
Chair, Registry Committee

CALAS/ACSAL National Office: PO Box 20507 - 2901 Sheppard Avenue East Toronto, ON M1T 3V5
Tel.:416-593-0268 | Fax: 416-979-1819 | Email: