Registered Laboratory Animal Technician

The Registered Laboratory Animal Technician (RLAT) is comprised of a written and oral/practical examination.

RLAT Application Requirements

A diploma in a 2 or 3 year Animal Health Technology or Veterinary Technician (CALAS/ACSAL approved) Program or completion of a related university degree and a minimum of 12 months full-time employment or a minimum of 1500 hours at time of application (October 1st) in the laboratory animal science field or completion of the 3 ARLAT modules and a total of 5 years or 7500 hours of work experience in the laboratory animal science field.

Documentation Required by CALAS/ACSAL

A diploma in Animal Health Technology or Veterinary Technician Program or degree in a related field and Résumé You will be required to submit all relevant certifications, degrees and schools you have attended

About the exam

Multiple Choice Exam
• 100 single answer multiple choice questions each worth one mark.
• The total time allotted is 2.5 hours
• Exam takes place Mid-April
• Passing mark is 75%

Oral/Practical Exam
• Only candidates that were successful in the multiple choice take the oral exam
• The oral exam takes place in June
• Passing mark is 65%

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