Provisional/RLAT Exam

RLAT Provisional Option

The provisional exam is for candidates that are students in their last year of college, have graduated from college or have completed a related university degree. They take the written exam only and once they have enough hours in the field, they can apply to take the oral exam and achieve their RLAT.

Provisional Application Requirements

You must be a student in your last year of college (which will be completed by May 31st) who is taking an Animal Health Technology or Veterinary Technician (CALAS/ACSAL approved) program or completed a diploma in a 2 or 3 year Animal Health Technology (CALAS/ACSAL approved) Program or completed a related university degree (CALAS/ACSAL approved)

Documentation Required by CALAS/ACSAL

  • Name of program of study and date of graduation
  • Proof of enrollment in final year of program (Acceptance Letter, Current Transcripts, Letter from Faculty etc.) or degree in a related field (Transcripts may be required)
  • You will be required to submit all relevant certifications, degrees and schools you have attended

About the exam: Multiple Choice Exam

  • 100 single answer multiple choice questions each worth one mark.
  • The total time allotted is 2.5 hours
  • Exam takes place Mid-April
  • Passing mark is 75%

RLAT Oral/Practical

The RLAT Oral/Practical exam is for candidates that have completed the provisional exam and now have achieved the correct amount of hours to qualify for the oral exam. Once the candidate successfully completes the oral/practical exam, they are now a Registered Laboratory Animal Technician.

RLAT Oral/Practical Exam Application Requirements

Completion of Animal Health Technology OR Veterinary Technician (CALAS/ACSAL approved) program and successful completion of RLAT written no more than 3 years prior (2016 for 2019 cycle) and a minimum of 12 months full-time employment or a minimum of 1500 hours at time of (October 31st) application in the laboratory animal science field. Annually renewed their membership

Documentation Required by CALAS/ACSAL

  • A diploma in Animal Health Technology or Veterinary Technician or degree in a related field (Transcripts may be required)
  • and Résumé
  • You will be required to submit all relevant certifications, degrees and schools you have attended

About the exam: Oral/Practical Exam

  • Only candidates that were successful in the multiple choice take the oral exam
  • The oral exam takes place in June
  • Passing mark is 65%


Please note that the practical exam material has been updated to replace rabbit handling with aquatic species content.  The oral portion of the exam will still contain material concerning rabbits in addition to aquatic species. Review of the information package that you received at the time you were accepted into the program, along with the current CCAC Guidelines ( ) for routine husbandry, procedures, and euthanasia of fish, will improve your chances for success.


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