Breakfast Could Slash the Cost of Cancer Drug by 75 Percent

Many drugs come with specific instructions to “take with food.” Even so, sometimes patients forget, and the consequences seem insignificant. However, prostate cancer patients may do well to be diligent in taking their medicine with food, as doing so may save them as much as $7,500 per month.


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A link between gut microbes and hypertension

New research out of the Baylor College of Medicine establishes a link between gut microbes and hypertension. That’s right, gut microbes are in the news yet again.


Request for Proposals: Refinement of Use of Anesthesia or Analgesia in Laboratory Animals

Artificial lungs in a backpack may free people with lung failure

An artificial lung that’s small enough to be carried in a backpack has been shown to work in sheep. It’s one of several such devices being developed that could transform the lives of people with lung failure, who are currently dependent on large machines. The new device still requires an oxygen tank to be wheeled around, although tank-free prototypes are also being tested.

Request for Nominations for the CCAC Board of Directors

The CCAC Governance and Nominations (G&N) Committee is looking to prepare a slate of candidates for election at the 2017 AGM by the CCAC’s 22 member organizations.

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