Call for CCAC Guidelines Subcommittee Members

The Canadian Council on Animal Care (CCAC) is forming two new subcommittees of volunteer experts: experimental procedures part A and experimental procedures part B. In keeping with the CCAC’s inclusive nomination process, we would like to open this opportunity to all stakeholders to recommend qualified experts who may be suitable candidates for any of the following subcommittees:

  • Experimental Procedures Part A (Administration of Substances and Removal of Bodily Fluids and Tissues) Subcommittee: The mandate of this subcommittee is to establish general guidelines pertinent for all species on experimental procedures involving the administration of substances and the removal of bodily fluids or tissues, based on their expert interpretation of current scientific evidence.
  • Experimental Procedures Part B (Analgesia, Anesthesia, and Surgery) Subcommittee: The mandate of this subcommittee is to establish general guidelines pertinent for all species on analgesia, anesthesia and surgery procedures, based on their expert interpretation of current scientific evidence.

The terms of reference for each of these subcommittees are available upon request. All subcommittee members will be appointed to serve up to two years and should be committed to ensuring the steady progress of the guidelines document. Subcommittee members will work mostly through email and teleconference, and will be asked to contribute to the drafting and revision of the document. While the document is under development, subcommittee members may discuss its contents with trusted colleagues to obtain their opinion, but should not circulate drafts until officially released for review by the CCAC. The final composition of the subcommittees will be selected by the CCAC Governance and Nominations Committee and our Board of Directors, who will ensure that the collective expertise of each subcommittee covers the scope of the guidelines document to be developed. Candidates not selected to sit on a subcommittee will be invited to act as reviewers of the draft guidelines. We would be grateful if you could forward the names, biographies, two- to four-page CV, statements of interest, and contact information of suitable candidates to the CCAC Secretariat at by November 9, 2018. Self-nominations are also accepted.

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