Request for Nominations for the CCAC Board of Directors

This is to inform you that Dr. Denna Benn, Ministry of Agriculture, Food and Rural Affairs, Dr. René
St-Arnaud, Shriners Hospital for Children, and Mr. Shawn Eccles, British Columbia Society for the
Prevention of Cruelty to Animals, will be completing their terms on the Canadian Council on Animal
Care (CCAC) Board of Directors at the next Annual General Meeting (AGM). The CCAC Governance
and Nominations (G&N) Committee is looking to prepare a slate of candidates for election at the 2017
AGM by the CCAC’s 22 member organizations.
Through its governance structure, it is the policy of the CCAC that, insofar as possible, it shall have a
competency-based Board of Directors. Accordingly, candidates for election to the Board of Directors
should be highly qualified individuals that possess valued expertise in areas such as veterinary
medicine, research science, bioethics, and law, in addition to possessing financial acumen, and
experience in knowledge translation and communications, human resources, and corporate evaluation.
They must also demonstrate leadership qualities, flexibility, integrity, accountability, the ability to
work in a team, strategic decision-making, vision, and a commitment to excellence. The CCAC strives
for balanced representation from the animal welfare community and the different sectors of Canadian
animal care systems, and aims for balance in geographical and gender representation.
It would be appreciated if the names of interested individuals, willing to serve for the period of June 3,
2017 up to the 2020 AGM, be confirmed before March 20, 2017. Candidates do not need to be
representatives from member organizations. In the case where a current member organization
representative is nominated and elected, a new representative will need to be named by the member
organization. Self-nominations are also accepted.
The names of individuals along with a short biography, a four page (max) CV of the nominee
(focusing on his/her related skills and competencies), and a statement of interest to serve on the Board
of Directors should be forwarded to the CCAC Secretariat to the attention of Ms. Felicetta Celenza by
mail at 190, O’Connor St, Ottawa, ON K2P 2R3, or by email at
The G&N Committee will examine each nomination package in detail and screen candidates for
inclusion on the final ballot for voting at the June 2, 2017 AGM. The slate of candidates will be
forwarded to all member organization representatives at least two weeks prior to the AGM. For more
information on the recruitment process and the nomination forms, please consult the attached
Guidelines for Nominating Candidates for the CCAC Board of Directors.

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