Jocelyn Goyer Vendor Contribution Award


About this Award
CALAS/ACSAL recognizes that some vendors go above and beyond what would be expected of them in their role as vendor, and have made outstanding contributions to the field and to CALAS/ACSAL. It is the only vendor specific award, and is only awarded if a suitable candidate is presented to the Board of Directors. Eligible candidates must be employed as a vendor to the laboratory animal industry in Canada.

Nomination Process
To nominate a candidate, two (2) written recommendations must be submitted stating why the candidate is deserving of the award and the completed nomination form. Nominations will be accepted only from CALAS/ACSAL members in good standing.

Jocelyn Goyer Vendor Contribution Award Nomination Form

Selection Guidelines
The Board of Directors will judge the candidate based on:

  • Years of service (10 years or more)
  • Contributions to the industry
  • Dedication to CALAS/ACSAL

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