Compliance Veterinarian

The Centre for Phenogenomics/The Hospital for Sick Children is seeking to hire a Compliance Veterinarian.  Please see job description below and if interested follow the link for a more detailed description and application instructions.  



With a dual reporting line to the Head, Laboratory Animal Services (LAS) at SickKids and the TCP Director, Research & Facility Operations, the Compliance Veterinarian is responsible, on behalf of the Animal Care Committees (ACCs), for ensuring TCP/SickKids’ adherence to institutional policies, provincial regulations and national guidelines and standards for the welfare of animals in science and education programs.  Ensuring full compliance with standards set by the Canadian Council on Animal Care (CCAC) and the Animals for Research Act of Ontario, the Compliance Veterinarian acts in support of all ACC oversight processes, policies and procedures. This includes oversight of routine ACC site visits and the Post Approval Review Program. 


*Refine and manage the TCP/SickKids’ post-approval review (PAR) program to ensure it is independent, effective, collaborative and collegial to ensure that animal-based work at TCP/SickKids aligns with approved Animal Use Protocols and conforms to all regulatory and institutional requirements.

*Track issues of protocol drift and identify the need for protocol amendments during PAR audits, or from information received from the Laboratory Animal Services (LAS) and TCP veterinary staff or ACC members.

*Manage and respond to all compliance notifications and report issues of noncompliance to the ACCs and appropriate institutional officials as needed. Work collaboratively with animal users to solve identified noncompliance issues.

*Prepare reports to the ACCs on matters of non-compliance and work with the ACC Chairs and the Head, Lab Animal Services and Director TCP to determine satisfactory resolutions.

*Participate in ACC monthly meetings.

*Oversee compliance with and development of facility policies and guidelines and standard operating procedures through effective and ongoing communication with TCP/LAS personnel and animal users.

*Oversee the endpoint and post-operative monitoring by research staff. 

*Assist with the review, revision, and preparation of animal use protocols to guide the ACCs in their mandates to give approval for the use of animals in teaching and research projects.

*Assist with annual regulatory reports to the federal and provincial agencies and oversight bodies (ie. CCAC, OMAFRA, Health Canada).

*Work with the ACC Coordinators to notify animal users of the need for supplemental training identified through incident reports or concerns brought forward by PAR audits.

*Manage the internal inspection of the facility and ensure that external inspectors are accompanied on all inspections; report findings to institutional officials.

*Participate in regular monthly meetings together with Chairs, Animal Care Committees and Head, LAS and Director TCP in preparation for the regular ACC meetings.

*Performs other related duties as assigned.



EDUCATION: Doctor of Veterinary Medicine with a license to practice in Ontario.

EXPERIENCE: A minimum of three years of experience of animal care-related responsibilities or research management in a large institution or university setting

*Must be a strong advocate for the Three Rs of animal-based science and education

*Extensive knowledge of standards set by the Canadian Council on Animal Care (CCAC) and the Animals for Research Act of Ontario

*Ability to communicate and relate with individuals with many different roles and diverse cultural and educational backgrounds

*Ability to exercise good judgement and confidentiality in a compliance role, while converting findings of non-compliance into constructive educational opportunities

*Ability to work independently and effectively under tight deadlines with understanding of the need to balance medical and scientific progress with animal welfare

*Strong interpersonal and communication skills, and the ability to work collaboratively with a wide range of internal and external stakeholders.

Company Name: The Centre for Phenogenomics/The Hospital for Sick Children
Active from 4/10/2018
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