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Position Summary:

Turnstone Biologics is a leading next-generation immuno-oncology company driven by science with experienced leadership and world-renowned scientific founders focused on bringing novel oncolytic viral immunotherapies to patients.  The Research Technician is an integral part of a team of immunologists working with a robust pipeline of early-stage investigational therapies, based on its MG1 oncolytic virus platform, in development for multiple solid tumors as monotherapies and in combination with other cancer therapies, including checkpoint inhibitors.

The Research Technician will manage and conduct laboratory activities including performing experiments; analyzing data, and works closely with other lab members.  With biological laboratory research expertise, the incumbent brings hands-on experience with mouse husbandry and experience with procedures such as syngenic murine tumour models, intravenous and intramuscular injections, blood collection and necropsy, including experience with processing blood and tissues for immune analysis.

Key Duties & Responsibilities:

  • Application of preclinical models to enhance the translation of cancer therapies from animal to patient.
  • Characterizing in vivo models, ex vivo assays, syngeneic tumour models, mice models to optimize their application in preclinical and translational studies for targeted therapies, cancer immunotherapies and combination therapies.
  • Basic molecular biology work:  PCR, cloning, electrophoresis, DNA/RNA/Protein preps
  • Be highly involved in animal handling requiring injection of mice, regular monitoring of animals, collection/harvesting of tissues and fluids, and animal necropsies.
  • Be involved in work with culture and/or cell separation methods; electrophoretic separations: assays; immunoblotting, flow cytometry, and fluorescence microscopy.
  • Operate lab equipment such as centrifuges, pH meters, analytical balances, spectrophotometers, light microscopes and other equipment as instructed.
  • Respond to and completes tasks as instructed by the P.I. and staff associated with designated research projects by carrying out the requested activities.
  • Performs simple or moderately complex technical procedures
  • Participates in data analysis, including application of statistical analysis techniques using standard software
  • Assesses literature in the field of study
  • May perform study-related administrative tasks.  Complies data from related and/or unrelated sources
  • Communicates findings to other lab members and maintains records of experimental data
  • Other duties as required

Interpersonal Skills/Contacts:

  • Must have strong interpersonal skills
  • Must have excellent verbal and written communication skills
  • Action oriented and eager to take on new opportunities and tough challenges with a sense of urgency, high energy, and enthusiasm
  • Ability to work and contribute to a team environment
Working Conditions:

Typical research laboratory, animal care facility or vivarium.  Must follow required guidelines to maintain compliance for a clean environment such as wearing personal protection equipment; shower in & out if necessary; following standard SOPs.


  • BSc. in related science; or Medical Laboratory Technology certification; or an equivalent combination of education and experience.
  • 3-5 years’ experience working in research in either an academic or biotech/pharma setting with strong mouse-handling skills
  • Working knowledge of CCAC guidelines, OMAFRA regulations and animal use protocols (AUPs) is required
  • Knowledge and familiarity with regulations, standards, and guidelines for care and use of vertebrate animals in teaching, research, and service
  • All work must be performed at the highest quality and with the highest regard for animal welfare.
  • Must have attention to detail and excellent record keeping skills
  • Must possess an excellent work ethic, maintain a professional attitude and maintain high standards to detail, being able to work independently and in a team environment with the ability to interact positively with other team members
  • Must be able to detect, analyze and resolve issues professionally as they arise

Janet LeClair, CHRL
Senior Human Resource Consultant
Turnstone Biologics
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