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Research Animal Technician

The Campbell Family Breast Cancer Research Institute is looking for a hardworking and dedicated individual to help manage a large animal colony of many genetic mouse models. The work will involve managing and maintaining several strains for experimental research in cancers as well as assisting other lab members with managing their colonies. There will be an opportunity to become part of our PDX (Patient derived tumor xenograft) treatment team, to help with drug treatments, gavage, IV injections, tumor measurements, and sample processing for histology and DNA. Previous experience in managing and maintaining mouse strains, mouse manipulations and dissections are required. The successful candidate will require excellent data collection, computer and record keeping skills, the ability to multi task, good communication skills and the ability to work as part of a team, as well as independently, being self-sufficient and motivated.

Please send your resume to;

Drew Wakeham

CFIBCR at The Princess Margaret Hospital

  Canada   Ontario   Toronto

Company Name: Campbell Family Institute for Breast Cancer Research, UHN
Active from 12/6/2017 to 1/31/2018



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