Continuing Education (Annual Requirements)

While the website is under construction, members are asked to hold on to their Continuing Education credits until the new website is launched in November.

Credit Requirements and Descriptions

1. Registered members (ARLAT, ARLATA, RLAT, RMLAT) must earn 10 Continuing Education (CE) credits per calendar year. Members are encouraged to keep track of these credits as they occur by entering them into their secure on-line profile.

2. Keep your documents! Receipts, certificates, and written acknowledgement of Continuing Education should be kept by the member to confirm participation in CE activities and for periodic auditing by the CALAS/ACSAL Continuing Education Committee.  Using the online profile provides a tool for tracking your CE; however members are still responsible for keeping all supporting documentation.

3. CALAS/ACSAL Continuing Education credits are based on CALAS/ACSAL sponsored events; however CALAS/ACSAL encourages education from other associations such as AALAS, LAMA, CALAM, etc.

4. If a member is unable to obtain all 10 credits in one year, a member’s registered status may be removed. To regain registered status, the member may be eligible to write the CALAS/ACSAL Registry Exam the following year. The member is still responsible for obtaining CE while on leave from his/her employer. Please contact the National Office should you have any questions regarding your individual circumstance.

5. If a member earns more than 10 credits in a given year, the member is entitled to carry over a maximum of 10 credits, from the previous year. For example, if a member earned 13 credits in a year, 3 credits may be carried over to the next credit year. Any carry over will be tracked by the member.

6.The majority of events should fall under one of the categories outlined below; however, if it does not please contact the National Office so that the event can be reviewed by the Continuing Education Committee and allotted a point value.

Continuing Education Credit Value Details:

1. Animal Care Committee: 1 Credit per Meeting to a maximum of 5. Five credits per CCAC Assessment per day to a maximum of 10.

Documentation: Proof of attendance including a letter from a committee member

2. Animal Related Association Membership: 1 credit awarded annually for each membership to another animal science related organization (ex. AALAS/LAMA/CALAM/Animal Care Committee/ Local CALAS/ACSAL Chapter executive, etc. as approved by the Board of Directors).

Documentation: Membership Receipt or a letter from the committee chair

3. Annual Symposium/Conference Attendance: 5 credits per full day for a major educational Symposium/Conference as approved by the Board of Directors (CALAS/ACSAL, AALAS, LAMA) to a maximum of 10 credits per multi day event. Attendance at 2 days of the CALAS/ACSAL Symposium will account for 9 credits and the Annual General Meeting will account for 1 additional credit for a total of 10 CE Credits for attending the CALAS/ACSAL Symposium.

Documentation: Registration Receipt

4. Article (Published):

• Scientific (example-Masters certification paper submission): 10 credits
• Lab Animal Related ie. Animal/Management/Facilities: 3 credits per article
• Non Lab Animal Related: 2 credits per article
• Member’s Magazine Educational Submission: 3 credits per submission

Documentation: A copy of the first page of article, which includes; title, date and author

5. Continuing Education Quizzes: 1 credit for each CALAS/ACSAL CE Quiz from the Member’s Magazine submitted. An additional credit will be awarded for a perfect quiz result. The CALAS/ACSAL Member’s Magazine may publish the names of members who obtain perfect quiz scores in each issue unless the member emails and advises otherwise. The member must enter the additional credit for a perfect score in his/her profile. For CE Quiz submissions from another association, 1 credit will be awarded.

Documentation: A copy of submission, and result

6. Chapter Participation: 1 credit per meeting attended. 2 credits for planning or organizing a presentation or event to further laboratory animal science knowledge of other individuals.

Documentation: A certificate of attendance, or copy of name listed on chapter sign-up sheet, letter from chapter executive member

7. Courses:

• Laboratory Animal/ Management/Facilities related (University or College level): 5 credits per course per year.

• Seneca College 12 Week Wildlife Field Studies Course (10 Credits)

• Non-Laboratory Animal related: 2.5 credits per course per year.

Documentation: Registration Receipt or a certificate of attendance

8. LAREF: Laboratory Animal Refinement & Enrichment Forum Participation: 10 Credits

Documentation: Proof of participation, including copies of emails/posts

9. National Board Participation (Board/Sub Committee Member): 1 credit per committee

Documentation: Letter from committee chair

10. On the Job Accomplishment: 2 Credits per letter

Documentation: Letter from Supervisor

11. Posters: 5 credits for submission of a poster as first author related to the laboratory animal science field and presented at the Local Chapter. 3 credits for second or other author. 10 credits if presented at the Annual CALAS/ACSAL Symposium or related conference.

Documentation: Copy of submission

12. Registry Exams: 7 credits for all ARLAT3, RLAT and RMLAT examinees who sit for the written exam. An additional 3 credits are awarded tothose who achieve certification. Credits are also awarded to volunteers on the registry committee. 1 credit per hour for examiners or markers of exams to a maximum of 5 credits.

Documentation: Copy of unsuccessful letter, copy of certificate or letter from registry chair.

13. Scientific Papers Read or Videos Watched: 1 credit per Laboratory Animal Scientific paper read or CALAS/ACSAL lab animal related DVD watched. 1 additional credit awarded if you submit a review for this paper or video for possible publication to the CALAS/ACSAL Member’s Magazine. If your Review is selected for publication in the Member’s Magazine, 2 additional credits will be awarded

Documentation: Letter from a member in good standing, copy of registration, a copy of the first page of article, which includes; title, date and author

14. Seminar/Lecture/Presentation Attended: 1 credit per speaker hour to a maximum of 5 credits

Documentation: Registration Receipt or a certificate of attendance

15. Speaker: 1 credit per topic per hour of speaking to a maximum of 5, in which you are the speaker, related to the laboratory animal science field, public education. Note: if the topic in which you are speaking is presented several times (ex. Animal Facility Orientation course) the topic may be claimed only once per year.

Documentation: Certificate of Participation, copy of program with name listed as presenter or acceptance letter from program coordinator

16. Webinar (Animal/Management/Facilities related): 1 credit per hour, to a maximum of 5 credits

Documentation: Registration Receipt or a certificate of attendance

17. Workshop Attended (Lab Animal Related 3-4hours): 5 Credit per workshop

Documentation: Registration Receipt or a certificate of attendance

18. Workshops Taught (Lab Animal Related): One entry per workshop type. 5 credit per workshop.

Documentation: Certificate of Participation, copy of program with name listed as presenter or acceptance letter from program coordinator

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