With the launch of the new website, applications for Certification Exams will open in the middle of September, with the deadline being October 31st, 2018! Make sure to keep an eye out for updates!


Please note that online applications must be completed once started, including an upload of ALL supporting documents. If any information or documents are missing from your application you will be denied entry into the certification process and will need to wait until the next exam cycle to apply. 

Effective for the 2019 Exam Cycle:

  • The ARLAT-Administrative program will no longer be offered.
  • Candidates who wish to pursue the ARLAT Module Program can complete the three modules together in an accelerated program, or one exam each year. The ARLAT 1,2 and the ARLAT 2,3 programs will no longer be offered. 
  • Candidates pursuing the RLAT, Provisional or RMLAT examinations - the certifications committee is moving towards a reading list for the 2019 examination cycle. A study guide will be provided as part of your exam package, however the training manual will be discontinued. 

Certification Exams

Why Should I become a Certified Member?

Certified members are valued nationwide! They have met the standard for proper laboratory animal care, use, and knowledge.  Provincial and Federal bodies who certify animal use programs in Canada recommend personnel working with animals to be appropriately qualified and engage in continuing education.  CALAS is the foremost Canadian body for providing certification of animal handling and research techniques.  The program is unique in the world as it requires a practical component within the process as well as academic minimums. 

Becoming a Registered Laboratory Animal Technician offers:

  1. Higher quality animal care: Technicians with enhanced knowledge in laboratory animal science can dramatically improve the quality of animal care in Canada.
  2. Career advancement: Achieving certification status can open doors to promotion and the opportunity to take on more varied tasks.
  3. Documentation of adequate training: A CALAS/ACSAL Certification Committee Certificate provides formal documentation that you have met a nationally standardized high level of expertise in laboratory animal science. Documentation of such is increasingly being recognized as a requirement by institutional Animal Care Committees.
  4. Continued education: Preparing for examinations acts as a foundation on which many individuals build a program of continuing education for themselves. Involvement in CALAS/ACSAL provides many opportunities for continuing education and keeping abreast of current advancements.
  5. Networking: When you become a registered member of CALAS/ACSAL, you join a nation-wide group of animal care and research technicians across Canada with a common interest in laboratory animal care and well-being.

After I become a Certified Member?

An annual membership is required to maintain your registration. If a lapse of two years occurs, your registration status will be rescinded. To regain entry into the certification process, the examination process must be repeated. Annual fees must also be paid in order to continue with the ARLAT program.

Please note that the ACSAL website is translated by a professional and not automated software.  That being the case, the translator may not be familiar with specific workplace terminology.  If a section of the site is not translated properly, please inform This information will be compiled for an annual translation review and updated accordingly.

What Exam Am I Qualified to Apply For?


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