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The goal of the CALAS/ACSAL Awards Program is to reward excellence and achievement of our members at various stages of their career. To be eligible, candidates must be members in good standing and meet the specific criteria of the particular award. All awards are presented at the Annual Symposium. Each award is possible due to the generous support of our sponsors. The Association gratefully acknowledges their contribution to the Awards Program and to the Association.

We encourage you to view the various opportunities to nominate an outstanding colleague or apply for an award yourself. Stay Tuned for information on the 2019 awards program


Achievement Awards:
Charles River Canada
PMI LabDiet Technician of the Year
Tecniplast Veterinarian of the Year

Accomplishments Awards:
Allentown Leadership
Bio-Serv Enhancement or Improvement of Animal Welfare
Ancare Award for Innovation
Perotech Team Spirit
SE Lab Group Les Read Memorial

 Presentation Awards:
Animal Care Systems Talking Poster Award
Shepherd Specialty Papers Poster Display Award
Envigo Teklad Members Magazine Award
Pharmacal Best in Show

Travel Awards:
Edstrom Harry Rowsell Master’s Travel Fellowship
Robert Young Travel Fellowship
CALAS/ACSAL Travel Fellowship

Recognition Awards:
Patricia Milke Member Service
Jocelyn Goyer Vendor Contribution
Member of Distinction

If you have any questions, please contact the Awards Chair at




Congratulations to our 2018 Award Winners!

PMI LabDiet Technician of the Year Award 
Kimberly Hannon-Kovacsi

Tecniplast Veterinarian of the Year Award
Dr. Jim Gourdon

Allentown Leadership Award
Vanessa Philips

Bio-Serv Enhancement or Improvement of Animal Welfare Award
Shu Tian

Perotech Team Spirit Award
National Microbiology Laboratory / Veterinary Technical Services Unit

Robert Young Travel Fellowship
Jennifer Tutte

SE Lab Group/Les Read Memorial Award
Dr. Richard Renlund and Melanie Gracias

Ancare Award for Innovation
Melanie Gracias

Edstrom/Harry Rowsell Masters Travel Fellowship Award
Sarah Dunlop-Hunter

Charles River Canada Award
Michelle Tyssen

Jocelyn Goyer Vendor Contribution Award
Joe Perrott, Perotech Sciences, Inc.

Animal Care Systems Talking Poster Award
Annette Morin and Sarah Collard

The Shepherd Specialty Papers Poster Display Award
Brittany Munro

Envigo Teklad Member’s Magazine Award
Tom Eles – The Axolotl Spring 2017

Pharmacal Best In Show

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