203 – Non-Invasive Heart Rate Monitoring in Laboratory Animals

Thursday, June 8
12:30pm – 4:30pm (Aprox.  exact time will be confirmed with the final program)

Fee:  $150

Heart rate is a critical metric of life and vitality, measured routinely by clinicians as an initial assessment of human and animal health. Heart monitoring during anesthesia and surgery, or in the ICU, is essential to the survival of the patient.  Non-invasive heart monitoring in laboratory animals, however, is not yet routine.  This workshop will discuss how to implement routine heart rate monitoring in laboratory animals.  Workshop participants will learn how to non-invasively record the ECG in non-anesthetized animals, and learn how to apply this technology to anesthetic monitoring and euthanasia. The participants will place animals on the ECGenie instrumentation, collect ECG recordings, record heart rates, and analyze ECG signals.

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