Proposed Slate of Directors for the CALAS/ACSAL Board of Directors


We are pleased to present for your consideration the proposed slate of candidates, selected by The Nominations Committee, for the 2018 CALAS/ACSAL Board of Director officers and director positions. We’ve assembled a strong slate of talented leaders with diverse perspectives. The new slate of candidates are proven leaders within their own chapters and organizations and join a group of dedicated and knowledgeable board members ready to serve our members.


Karen Gourlay, RMLAT (Golden Triangle Chapter)


I graduated with a B.Sc. from the University of Guelph and was hired at McMaster University 36 years ago. I began my career at McMaster as an Animal Health Technician and progressed to my current position as Assistant Director.  I've been a member of CALAS/ACSAL since the beginning of my career and am a strong supporter of the organization. The administration at McMaster University has also been very supportive and has been able to institute a requirement that the professional development of the staff in the facility be contingent upon becoming CALAS/ACSAL certified.  I have served in various positions on the Golden Triangle Chapter of CALAS/ACSAL (President, RCC, etc) and was Chair ofthe Local Organizing Committee for the Annual Symposium in Hamilton twice.  I serve on the CALAS/ACSAL Board of Directors as the National Symposium Co-Chair and was the President (2013-15). I am also involved with continuing education and was the first Canadian to become a "Certified Manager of Animal Resources (CMAR).  Currently I am the RCC co-rep for Golden Triangle and I believe that CALAS/ACSAL is critical in providing the educational forum and standards for animal care across Canada as well as internationally.  I am very excited to see the evolution of CALAS/ACSAL as the organization continues to grow and meet the demands of this ever-changing field!


Dr. Lise Phaneuf (CORC Chapter)


Accomplished veterinarian and research administrator with over 10 years of experience, including operational, regulatory and clinical veterinary oversight for one of Canada’s largest and most unique mouse research programs. Formally trained, board certified laboratory animal veterinarian (ACLAM) with a stellar academic background and a broad range of management, business and clinical veterinary experience. Specialties: Continuous Improvement Projects, Genetically Engineered Rodents, Comparative Medicine, Mouse Models of Human Disease, Regulatory Compliance, Animal Welfare, Health Management, Policy Development. I've been helping with the Education Committee, to transition from the paper manual to a Core Competency document and Reading List. I also serve on CALAM and the BOD for the newly established VOE-Network.


Wilma Lagerwerf, RMLAT (Caribou Chapter)


I have been in the field of lab animal science for 32 years. Currently the Manager, Animal Resources Operations, Animal Services for Memorial University. The 2006 Recipient of the Charles River Canada Award for outstanding contributions to the Canadian field of animal research, administration, education and diplomacy. Lecturer, trainer, author and examiner for CALAS. Accreditation committee volunteer assessment panel member for the Canada Council of Animal Care.


Gayle Paquette, RMLAT (Pacific Chapter)


A Pacific Chapter past President and current volunteer, AHT/VT Program Liaison, CE Program Chair,VP, P, RCC;  National-Registry Lead (RLAT), BCVTA Secretary, Mentorship Program Chair, VP, P;  Vet Tech Field- Outreach. Regular contributions to Pacific Chapter Newsletter and National magazine; host VT practicum students; Chair Facility User meetings, Co-Chair Lab Managers Meetings, participate in BC Cancer and UBC JOHSCs;  Distance Instructor for TRU Lab Animal and Exotics course. Recipient of a number of awards, including: The Perotech Team Spirit Award (presented to ARC), CALAS, 2017; The Ancare Award for Innovation, CALAS, 2016; The Robert Young Travel Fellowship, CALAS, 2014 and the Agribrands/Purina (CALAS) Technician of the Year, 2013



Tracy McCook will continue to serve as President of the board until 2019 and Jason Allen will continue in the role of Vice President.  All unopposed nominees assume the office for a four-year term beginning May 7, 2018.  For clarification of the CALAS/ACSAL nominating process, please see below or contact the National Office.


On behalf of the Nominations Committee, we urge you to offer your support and congratulations to the nominees for volunteer leadership positions and wish them well in their roles.

Colleen Geary Joo
2018 Nominations Committee Chair
Immediate Past President of the Board of Directors


Nominating Process for the CALAS/ACSAL Board of Directors


The Board of Directors has a standing Nominations Committee. The mission of the committee is to ensure good governance by ensuring that the Board of Directors has a balanced skill-set and fair representation of our membership including:

  • Our diverse membership (Technicians, Managers, Veterinarians and Administrators)
  • Members from the various geographic regions we serve
  • Individuals who poses additional skills that will enhance the overall competency of the Board


The Committee is responsible to review all nominations and ultimately select a slate of candidates to be presented to the membership for election to the Board of Directors.

A candidate application and nomination form is distributed to all members. The committee reviews the applications and supporting documentation, where appropriate, a member of the committee will reach out to the candidates to obtain additional information. The Nominations Committee meets to review applicants and deliberates the candidates’ qualifications.  During the deliberation process, candidates are considered for nomination based on their skills and experience, balanced with the skills and experience needed to balance the current board.


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