109 – Empowering Yourself in Outreach

Thursday, June 8
9:00am – 12:00pm 

Fee:  $125

Presenters:  Michael Brunt, RMLAT, University of Guelph
Dr. Ann Turner, CAE, Executive Director, American Association for Laboratory Animal Science, Memphis, TN

It can be hard to know how to begin talking about your profession to family, friends and even strangers.  Will I have the answers to their questions? What if they don’t agree with me?  In this workshop we will lay the foundation to empower you to feel confident when speaking about the amazing work you do:  You care for your animals with the compassion and respect they deserve.  These animals contribute to new treatments and therapies that ease the suffering of people and other animals worldwide.  This is a story worthy of telling everyone!  You will learn the best words and phrases to use in conversations, be provided with key knowledge points and facts to correct common myths and inaccuracies, and be introduced to international resources.  Through your voice, we hope to educate and foster a culture that values, accepts and recognizes the dedication of laboratory animal science professionals.

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