101 – Zebrafish – Practical Husbandry & Housing

Thursday, June 8
8:00am – 12:30pm

Fee:  $150.00

Through a detailed presentation and interactive discussion, participants will learn about key aspects of housing aquatic species including static, flow through, and recirculating systems.  Pre-filtration, recirculating pumps, bio-filters, fine mechanical filtration, carbon filtration and UV disinfection for CFIA regulations in Canada will also be covered.  An interactive zebrafish facility planning exercise will explore the importance of layout, room temperature and lighting, and drain points, followed by a round-table discussion on water quality (pH, conductivity, nitrogen compounds, and dissolved oxygen and chlorine).  An overview of the zebrafish as a biomedical model will also be presented, including developmental stages, maintenance and feeding.

Participants will tour a newly constructed aquatic laboratory equipped with both stand-alone and double-sided racks.

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